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Cofferdams are used to provide environment to complete more complex in-water ship engineering tasks. Main advantage of cofferdams is that it can remain in position for extended periods, which allows for any unforeseen work scope growth to be captured and completed. Cofferdams are frequently required to execute economical repairs to rig and ships hulls where dry-docking facilities are not readily available.

Operations involving use of cofferdams can be extremely varied but typically include:

  • Steelwork replacement
  • Transducer maintenance
  • Repair of damaged vessels
  • Replacement of stern seals
  • Repair and replacement of tunnel thrusters
  • Repair and replacement of Propeller & Rudder
  • ICCP anode replacement
  • Permanent class approved hull insert repairs
  • Installation of new build civil structures at water front developments
  • Repairs to concrete structures such as jetties
  • Rig spud cans repair and inspection
  • Turret systems repairs

NEREUS SUBSEA undertakes underwater repairs using cofferdams. The company’s certified divers are highly trained to perform these tasks, delivering the best results immediately and with high quality services.